Melt Group continues betting on EDEM to train its managers

Melt Group chooses for the second consecutive year EDEM as a reference for the training of its managers and senior profiles.

Andrea Grinta (Director): “Melt Group is committed to talent within the company and so that our senior managers and consultants can grow professionally within the Company. This year we have again considered EDEM as a reference for the training of our consultants. This year we have extended the participation to four consultants of our team ”.

Alejandra : “The Art of Selling ( )”.

The Art of Selling course teaches you to improve sales and persuasion skills. It teaches you to listen to what your audience needs and to transmit what you offer. The Art of Selling is a technique that we must use every day in communication.

Gonzalo : “The Art of Communication ( )”.

How important is the correct communication and how little importance we give it many times.

I have participated in the EDEM program of the “Art of Communication” where, in addition to the keys to public communication through different methods (Logo, Ethos and Pathos) and non-verbal communication and the use of space, I have learned what important is the attitude and security to get to connect and transmit with the rest of the people.