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Welcome to Hospitality360 Africa. The dedicated blog-magazine for Africa’s hospitality and leisure world. We are the lead media home of everything hospitality and leisure here in this beautiful continent of Africa; bringing you news and insights of activities and events in an around these industries as they happen.

We are industry critiques, writers, analysts, bloggers and journalists. Through our wide range of events and publications, we keep travellers, industry professionals, tourists, investors and the general public informed on happenings in the hospitality world, with a keen focus on the industry here in Africa.

We engage decision-makers on policies and laws governing the industry, cover events and activities within the industry, and give voice to the beautiful men and women shaping the future of the industry. From the coast of Cape-Town to the deserts of Cairo, thru the savannas of Nairobi down to the rich delta of Owerri and Port- Harcourt, we got it all covered. Bringing you news as they happen.

At Hospitality360Africa, it is all about, hotels, restaurant, bar, catering, culinary, spa, food, beverage and nightclub. Conferencing, education, parks and gardens are not excluded from the list of areas that enjoys the best coverage and patronage from us.

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