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There seems to be a growing hope for the Hospitality Industry in Nigeria. With the recent announcement that restaurants in Lagos would as from the 14th of August (2 weeks from now) commence In-Dining Services has raised glowing rays of hope to an industry almost brought to its knees by the Coronavirus pandemic and its associated lockdowns worldwide.

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Yesterday, the Logos State Government announced that restaurants would open for In-Dining services again starting from the 14th of August. Though at 50% capacity, this announcement raises hope that life will soon return again to the industry and has sparked up a lot of happiness and jubilation from Restaurateurs and the millions of people they employ. The CEO of HM Group, Mr Eric Mekwuye took to his LinkedIn account @mekwuyeeric to celebrate the good news. “HIP HIP HURRAY!, he said, in celebration to the good news. Mr Mekwuye who is the brain behind the HBS Hotel School Lagos is a top 30 hospitality Influencers in the country.

This is great news for Lagos restaurateurs and hoteliers and fantastic news for the HBS Hotel School Lagos. The HBS Hotel School Lagos is one of the leading hospitality support providers in Nigeria, providing the industry with personnel with some of the finest skills and training

Also celebrating to this great news are industry players from other states of the country, including the FCT, Abuja who see this new development as a sign that sooner than later the same good news will be coming their way too. They all look forward to a full re-opening of the hospitality industry in the country.

As restaurateurs and industry employees rejoice for the return of activities to their industries, so is the general public. Nigerians all over are rejoicing to the new development which means an opportunity to wine and dine out again. A chance for nice outdoor dining with friends and families again. I am sure the Nigerians can do with a little unwinding again after months of isolation.

It doesn’t matter where you live in Nigeria, the news that Lagos State has lifted the ban on in-dinning services for restaurants is sure to spark some sort of happiness and raise some kind of hope. Hope that life may soon be returning to some sort of normalcy. Though we all agree that life can never return to full normalcy, living with the virus seems to be the only way forward. However, it is important to adhere to the new ways of living; social distancing, hand washing, sanitizing surface areas and wearing of face masks in public areas.

Whatever the challenges the new normal will poise, I am sure Nigerians will come out strong with their strong resolve to live; and the Nigeria hospitality sector is an integral part of the Nigerian life with millions of its citizens depending on the industry for a livelihood. The return of activities in the restaurant industry means the return of jobs for the millions displaced out of their jobs in the past four months and Nigerians all over are very happy with the development.



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