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Applicants should be able to:

·        Do Appropriate Research

·        Write In Proper English And In A Casual Tone

·        Is Skilled In Rephrasing And Drawing Up Multiple
Sources To Create A Piece

·        Is Timely And Efficient

·        Understand How To Write For SEO In Mind

·        Is A Good Communicator And Honest

·        Can Take Feedback Well

·        Make Good and Clear Quality Photographs and Videos (DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER)

·        Has An Interest In Hospitality, Travel, Leisure And Tourism

·        Able to work Independently, and without supervision

·        Work from Home.

Experience in writing for such an industry is helpful but not necessary.

The individual chosen will be writing various blog posts and guides
that may include:

·        Hospitality, Travel, Leisure and Tourism News happening in your area

·       Profile interview of Newly Appointed / Sacked General Managers of Hotels, Restaurant, Spas etc in your area

·        The Good and Bad happening in the Hospitality, Travel, Leisure and Tourism in your area

Applicants with previous samples of their writings is a better advantage.

Send Resume and Cover Note to





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  1. I am interested, and to me, this is another opportunity to work in a different industry. I know without a doubt that I am your man.

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