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PROFILES OF HOTELS IN NIGERIA: This is the Volcano Peak Court Hotel, Gwarinpa, Abuja

A Budget Boutique Hotel, located on 4th Avenue, Gwarinpa, Abuja is changing the dynamics of hotel accommodation and entertainment in the Gwarinpa metropolis.

The Volcano Peak Court Hotel, Gwarimpa, Abuja
This is the Volcano Peak Court Hotel, Gwarimpa, Abuja.
A Stylish Boutique Hotel with luxury Top Range Services

As we progress with the profiling of some of the best Boutique hotels in Nigeria, we are moving from city to city, virtually covering every major city in Africa’s largest economy, Nigeria.

Today, we visited the Volcano Peak Court Hotel, Gwarinpa, Abuja, a lovely budget boutique hotel with luxurious interiors and facilities. I must confess, this is one hotel I and my team found difficult to classify. When you compare the Room Rates to the facilities, the hygiene, the cleanliness, and the architectural brilliance you will understand why we found it confusing whether to call it a Luxury or a Budget Boutique Hotel.

The ambiance is cool, inviting, very welcoming. And the staff too, very friendly and hospitable. The rooms are clean and the TVs are clear, with variety of channels to choose from.

The Volcano Peak Court Hotel, Gwarinpa, Abuja have a very good night activities that compliment Gwarinpa, which is famous for its blossom nightlife. Gwarinpa is a secured mixed-neighborhood in Abuja for the rich and middle-class. It is home to many rich and famous in Nigeria. The famous Charley Boy, Nigeria’s entertainment legend resides in 4th Avenue, Gwarinpa. The Volcano is located right in the middle of it all, where it all happens.

The Volcano Peak Court Hotel is for groove lovers and has plenty of F&B outlets within. There is the VIP Lounge, the v-VIP Lounge, the Outdoor Pool-side Bar, the Bush Bar, and a very big Nightclub… yes, a very big Nightclub indeed, called The Club Volcano. In fact, I can say without mincing words, that Club Volcano is arguably the largest purpose-built Nightclub in the city of Abuja as a whole. With a super vent and air-conditioning system that is capable of keeping everybody cool and refreshing.  

Oh! I almost forgot the pool. The hotel has a mid-size pool. Clean and well taken care of. I personally like the poolside. It is small and with plenty of space for parties. The poolside is very suitable for small events and ceremonies, like birthday parties, group hangouts, and get-togethers.

Then you have the Bush Bar… my favorite spot. As a writer, I enjoyed the Bush Bar for its quiet during the day and its solemn isolation from the entire hotel. I usually sit out here to meditate and write, and most times, I see couples hanging out in this quiet section of the hotel, lost in love and private discussions with no infractions and distractions. The Bush Bar is equipped with a Table Soccer and a hammock for relaxation.

This is not a hotel for a total quiet time. In the day time, yes!. If you are looking for a quiet hotel with zero noise, then try somewhere else… this is certainly not for you. You can get some quiet but at night! especially at weekends, this is a place for fun lovers and full of activities.

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