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Topaz House of Beauty Marks 10 Years of Spa and Beauty Services to the Rich and Famous in Abuja

Topaz House of Beauty Marks 10th Year Celebration

One of Abuja’s finest Spas, the Topaz House of Beauty on Sunday the 8th day of December Celebrated 10 years in operation. For the past 10 years, this beautiful spa, located on No 9 Arochukwu Street, Garki 2, Abuja have pampered residents and visitors to the Capital City with diverse range of holistic treatments that have de-stressed, invigorated and completely beautified its clients.

With plenty of gifts cards and discounts given out on this day, Topaz House of Beauty seems ready for another decade of continuous services to her list of high profile clientele.

At the right is Mrs Anuoluwapo Bamishaye. CEO and Senior Beauty Therapist, @ Topaz House of Beauty, Abuja

Topaz was established on the 1st of April, 2009 with a vision to be the premier Spa in Africa, offering the latest Spa treatments of the highest standards to clients from all over the world. Prior to the establishment of the Topaz, Mrs Anu worked at Bannatyne Health Club and Spa, London amongst other Spas for close to a decade.

Working in the Spa industry created room for her to judge the similarities and dissimilarities between the industry in Nigeria and the United Kingdom’s.

The industry in the UK has adopted it as a culture and a place where a level of wellness is ascertained. People come in every day (alternate day, week, month) to recharge, revive and distress themselves from the hustle and bustle of life’s activities in London. On the other hand in Nigeria, the Spa is visited on a occasional basics (like bridal shower, baby shower, facial conditions). This judgment birthed Topaz House of Beauty.

Topaz is a Wellness and Spa Centre that focuses on appealing to the five senses of the human body, thereby inducing immerse relaxation. It offers a complete package dealing with the mind, body and soul of an individual.

With every day’s expectation; a stress-less, happier client. Offering services such as Skincare solutions, Spa pampering, Haircare solutions and Beauty therapy training; we do cater for the various clientele:

Mrs Anuoluwapo Bamishaye.
CEO and Senior Beauty Therapist, @ Topaz House of Beauty, Abuja

Topaz list of Clientele includes:

  • Clients with skin conditions such as acne, blackheads, whiteheads, sunburns.
  • Clients that just want to be pampered go for spa pampering services
  • Clients for hair care
  • Elderly clients with a medical condition such as arthritis come in for pain relief or advice from our medical personnel.
  • Cooperate clients are clients that their organization pay for occasional spa treatments.
  • Students enrol in beauty therapy training.

Her vision is driven with a passion for the industry, knowing that the Spa and Wellness sector in Nigeria is still at infancy, and for it to grow, education must be its advocate. The need for certified personnel practising in the industry can only be emphasized with calls for Certified Training Schools. The need for individuals to know and practice Skin, wellness and Mental Health will eradicate African’s top skin leading practice- skin bleaching. To attain good health, one must eliminate a life full of stress; as it is one of the major reasons of sicknesses in our world today.

In two or three years Topaz plans on expanding to other places in Abuja, other states: Lagos and Ibadan, and other neighbouring African countries with more treatments and skincare solutions. They intend on handling events such as Spa parties, bridal showers and get-together at their outdoor Spa.

Don’t forget to grab the discounted offers this month on spa pampering services as we celebrate with Topaz House of Beauty.

Topaz House of Beauty is located @ No 9 Arochukwu Street, Garki 2, Abuja

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