Nightclub lighting: ….going beyond good DJ’s and inspiring club space, a clubhouse does need a splendid lighting system. Ask Nightclub hall of fame Peter Yordanov who is driving this revolution across Africa

Having a good DJ will not make a night club great, nor would it make a night out so splendid. To make a nightclub everything that it needs to be, there is the need to do more than just having a beautiful edifice and an engaging DJ. We need to do more, we need to go beyond providing good music and inspiring club spaces and add very inspiring lighting system to the mix. I mean, give it to the Nightclubs some major cities of Africa, however, nothing stops us competing with top clubhouses in Vegas, Amsterdam, Johannesburg and other top cities around the world.

Club connoisseurs will happily discuss the relative merits of Void and Funktion-One sound systems, the optimum positioning of the DJ booth, or the energy of different crowds at different parties. However, they will also point out that lights and lighting issues are usually given a relegated position, often been given very little priority.

Lights have always been an essential part of nightlife and a good stimulator for dancing and could make the difference between a fun night and an extraordinary one. Lighting also thus goes a long way to say something about our clubbing values too. From high-budget spectacle or a single light over the fire escape, spotlights on the star DJ or blinding batteries of strobes, the role of lighting can never be overstated in a nightclub with one thing as true as the nightingale— there is a need for us to up our ante in Nightclub lighting across Africa.

Improvisers who read and respond to the energy in a club space will tell you that lighting designers have much in common with the DJs who often overshadow them and their importance. As the DJ world is been re-engineered every now and then, so is the business of nightclub lighting, which on a continuous basis gets reshaped by innovations and new technologies.  Today, the options are limitless with plenty of designs to turn our nightclubs into some of the most unimaginable places on earth.Nightclub lighting! Going beyond good DJ's and inspiring club space

Hospitality360 Africa spoke to some of our top DJ’s and best clubhouse lighting designers here in Africa to find out more. In our One-on-One with one of the world’s top designers of clubhouse lighting systems, Mr Peter Yordanov. A member of the Nightclub Hall of Fame, and the founder of Disco-Designers Ltd.  We discussed the latest techs and innovations in the nightclub industry and he has so much to spill out.

We also caught up with Play Charles Okpaleke, the CEO of Play Network Africa, and one of the Movers and Shakers of Africa’s Entertainment space. He also has so much to say on how Nightclub lighting has evolved over time and those drivers that are shaping future competition in the nightclub entertainment sector in Africa.

Don’t miss this video documentary.

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