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As we celebrate workers day; big Words From Mekwuye Eric, CEO, HoReCaBB Mentors

As we celebrate workers day, here are some big words of advice from the CEO of Horecabb Mentors, Mr Eric Mekwuye.  In his own word, he asked us to just a reminder you have three monsters to conquer as you celebrate:

1. Ever changing technologically influenced workplace

2. Unstable economy and job insecurity

3. Monthly take-home not taking home.

However, here are how you may sail through the tides:

Don’t resist. Develop yourself: 

Embrace the technological changes by being the steward of your own continuing education.

Adopt the 3 black ladies ideology in the true-life story film “The Hidden Figures” not to resist innovation, rather stay abreast and ahead of the innovation such that you’ll be needed to implement the new innovation on arrival.

Waiting for your company to teach you new skills is sure way to redundancy. A little time and money investments are all you need to stay up-to-speed. Put that time on your calendar like any other meeting or task to ensure that it happens.

Diversify your skill set:

Very dangerous to be an expert at only one thing. What if they replace your job with machine?What if you get retrenched due to economy?

What if company direction and policy change and your task becomes irrelevant?

“Side hussle” or multiple careers to the rescue: 

If you are a bank teller, admin executive , generally 9 to 5 worker, what can you do ot ‘fall back on’ if your current job ends or you get retired but not tired and your responsibilities are still young and growing?

No doubt your chances of setting up similar company of your own because of capital is nearest to zero!

Indeed very few professions can promise lifelong employment. Therefore, maximize your free time now to acquire a skill ,especially in an industry that is as sure as air, and invest in it for support now and any eventuality in the future.

If hospitality related skills interest you, you can sign up for Saturdays only programme of the Hospitality Business School (HBS, Hotel School, Lagos) and aquire that skill seemlessly- #Culinary #Patisserie #Bartending/Winestudy #HospitalityEntreprenureshipStudy #HotelFrontOfiice #HouseKeeping #F&BandEventManagement

Best wishes from all of us at HM

Mekwuye Eric, CHP,MCFBD,FAPCN is the Ag CEO at HoReCaBB Mentors (HM) based in Lagos – Nigeria.

HM help Hospitality industry owners, workforce and aspirants acquire the needed tools to perform exceptionally well using:

  • The professional trainings and certifications of the prestigious State University of New York-Global Foodservice Institute (SUNY-GFI)
  • Professional Hospitality Education of the world-class Hospitality Business School (HBS)
  • In-house and customised workforce training
  • Seminars/conferencing and
  • Consulting

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