Social Media Update for the Hospitality and Leisure Industry

…as twitter, Instagram and Linkedin rolls out new updates that hotels, restaurants, lounges and spas can tap to improve upon their marketing

The social media is an inevitable marketing tool for businesses of every size and it is ever-evolving as updates keep popping up every now and then. These updates come with new, improved or additional features that make it easier for interactions and navigations. Keeping yourselves updated on the latest developments in the social media space is the right thing to do if you truly want to improve your marketing. Hospitality360 will always keep you up to speed with the latest developments in the technology world.

We’ve seen four big new updates in the past two weeks alone that can directly influence the social marketing crusades of the hospitality industries especially the small businesses such as spas, restaurants, lounges, caterings, and nightclubs with hotels and resorts not excluded.

As we take a close look at each of these new updates, it is important we try to view these changes immediately on our devices. 

Twitter Has Just Releases its Full Desktop Experience

Twitter has just rolled out the newer version of its desktop interface. For the past few months, Twitter has been testing this newer version and today it is finally available for your deployment. You can download it now.

The new desktop changes include the following:

  • Explore is now available on desktop, and not just the apps
  • More live video and local moments based on your location
  • Bookmarks for easier navigation
  • Improved direct message viewing for easier management
  • Easier swap between Twitter profiles
  • Personalized profile abilities, with different themes and colour options

What does this Means for the hospitality and leisure industry in Africa?

There are more live videos and local moments based on your location that can be prioritized in users’ feeds. This new desktop version of the site has been significantly improved and will make it easier for businesses to take advantage of this and create content to improve their reach. They can now navigate on the platform and connect with more members of their target audience

The New Instagram Stories Chat Stickers

Instagram has just rolled out a new feature on its stories and this time it is the Chat Sticker. The New Chat sticker allows you to invite Story followers to join in on a new group chat. Instagram is currently advertising this as a way to jumpstart big group conversations.

What does this Means for the hospitality and leisure industry in Africa?

The sticker may be a great option for small businesses with smaller followings of just under 10,000 or for those who are showing some of their Story content only to exclusive targeted groups of high-value customers.

You could actually ask users via Story if they want to participate in a new rewards trial program, and if so to join the chat. This feature can help attract new customers and even help loyal customers to patronize your new product.

LinkedIn Announces New Company Page Features

LinkedIn is happy to announce the following new features for Company Pages:

Custom CTA buttons for your Pages, which include “contact us,” “learn more,” “visit website,” “register,” and “sign up.”

An improved analytics dashboard that can offer more details about who is clicking through the profile and on your CTA.

Communities Hashtags, which allows you to associate your Page with relevant hashtags so you can find and join in on important conversations.

What This Means for Hotels and Resorts:

All of the new features for Company Pages are a great asset to hotels and resorts using the platform.

The custom CTA option may increase the likelihood of people taking action, and you can customize it based on what actions you want to prioritize. If you’re trying to encourage people to simply book, a “visit website” is a good option, but “contact us” is a better choice if you want to entice people to get in touch over custom event packages. You can track how different CTAs will impact your success through those new analytics and optimize your Page accordingly.

The Communities Hashtag feature is also a great one, and it’s something we haven’t really seen before on other platforms. Use this to look for this engaging, meaningful discussions we talked about in the last section and stay relevant in all the conversations that could be connecting you with new guests.

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